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6 The Libimseti Sample Application - Reference Documentation

Authors: Lim Chee Kin

Version: 0.5.2

6 The Libimseti Sample Application

The Libimseti Sample Application is taken from source code of chapter 5 of Mahout In Action.

Thanks to Sean Owen, one of the book authors of Mahout In Action granted the right in this message to use the source code in the plugin as sample application.

The sample application's data set derived from the Czech dating site Líbímseti (http://libimseti.cz/). Users of this site are able to rate other users’ profiles on a scale of 1 to 10. A 1 means NELÍBÍ, or dislike, and a 10 means LÍBÍ, or like. The presentation of profiles on the site suggests that users of such a site are expressing some assessment of the profiled user’s appeal, attractiveness, and dateability.

You’ll need to download a copy of the complete data from this site, at http://www.occamslab.com/petricek/data/libimseticomplete.zip, then extract the gender.dat and ratings.dat file to grails-app/conf directory.

There is 17,359,346 ratings in ratings.dat file. It contains users’ explicit ratings for items, where items are other people’s user profiles. That means a recommender system built on this data will be recommending people to people.

Please see Recommender System for Online Dating Service by Lukas Brozovsky and Vaclav Petricek for more information.

You may run the sample application using file data model or MySQL data model. Please see the following commands to install and unstall the sample application: