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3 Appendices - Reference Documentation

Authors: Lim Chee Kin

Version: 1.4.4

3 Appendices

This section contains miscellaneous housekeeping items and additional reference material.

3.1 Release Notes

26-Mar-2013 1.4.4

  • Fixed issue #24: issue #15 broke the display of field values in validation error messages. (by jonroler)

22-Mar-2013 1.4.3

  • Fixed spock 0.7.0-2.0 is not compatible with grails 2.1 issue #23. (by jbowen7)

03-Mar-2013 1.4.2

22-Feb-2013 1.4.1

  • Fixed Issue #14: No such property: request for class: org.grails.jquery.validation.ui.JqueryValidationService. (by bluesliverx)
  • Fixed Issue #15: i18n Messages that have single quotes in them are not escaped properly. (by bluesliverx)
  • Fixed Issue #22: Mixing private and public/protected methods… error. (by Michael Kimsal)

01-Sep-2012 1.4

  • Set onkeyup default to false to fix issue reported at this thread.
  • Major code refactoring: move shared codes from JQueryValidationUiTagLib.groovy to JqueryValidationService.groovy.
  • Fixed Issue #4: In JQueryValidationUiTagLib.groovy, improve String concatenation using org.codehaus.groovy.grails.web.pages.FastStringWriter.
  • Initial jquery-metadata support via jqueryValidationService.getValidationMetadatas and jqueryValidationService.createJavaScriptConstraints.

14-Aug-2012 1.3

  • Fixed Issue #7: Links in jquery.qtip.css are not correct.
  • Added errorContainer, errorLabelContainer, errorElement, errorWrapper(wrapper), highlight, unhighlight, onkeyup and qtip attributes for renderValidationScript tag and configuration items. qtip = false (disabled), onkeyup = true (enabled) by default.
  • As qtip disabled by default, created jquery-validation-ui-qtip resource module to include qtip resources.
  • Remove install-sampleapp script and sample app codes.
  • Created 2 sample apps: one for Grails 1.3.9 using Grails standard theme, another one for Grails 2.1.0 using Twitter Bootstrap theme.

29-Jul-2012 1.2.4

  • Fixed Issue #8: Added backslash escaping for regex matches and updated version. (by bluesliverx)
  • Fixed Issue #12: 'jQueryValidatorUI is not defined' error. (by Kevin Stricker)
  • Fixed Issue #13: Failed to resolve dependencies net.sf.json-lib:json-lib:2.4.

11-Jan-2012 1.2.3

  • Fixed Issue #19: Allow overriding of submitHandler in generated validation block.
  • Fixed Issue #20: Add module definitions to use with the resources plugin.
  • First published with the project code at GitHub.
  • Converted documentation to Grails Docs (no longer at Google Code).

21-May-2011 1.2.2

  • Fixed Issue #12: Unique validation doesn't work for update.

18-Mar-2011 1.2.1

  • Fixed Issue #9: Validation matches a-zA-Z+ doesn't support single character
  • Fixed Issue #10: In java.lang.Bigdecimal also throw an error for unique and range.
  • Fixed Issue #11: Type mismatch custom error message not working.

18-Feb-2011 1.2

  • Implemented 3 new custom constraints from jquery validation additional methods: alphanumeric, letterswithbasicpunc and lettersonly. (jqueryValidation.additionalMethods in Config.groovy needs to set to true to use these new custom constraints.)

03-Jan-2011 1.1.1

  • Fixed issue #2. Unable to submit the form when remote AJAX validation such as unique and validator constraints enabled.

30-Dec-2010 1.1

  • Support Grails 1.2.2+.
  • Support extensibility by the custom constraints plugin
  • Implemented 2 custom constraints: phone and phoneUS (International and US phone number validation).
  • Updated person sample application to demo the phone constraints.

22-Dec-2010 1.0.1

15-Dec-2010 1.0

  • Support All Standard Grails Constraints
  • Display Validation Messages on Right or Top
  • Display both server-side and client-side validation messages using tooltip (qTip) and same styles.
  • Internationalization Support
  • Remote AJAX Validation Support for unique, validator constraints
  • Type Validation Support

3.2 Sites Using This Plugin

  • ProcessCanvas.com - Create online workflow in minutes.
  • Personal Information System of India e-Government.

3.3 To Do

  • Validation message (qTip) support with JQuery UI themes
  • Support JQuery UI tooltip after it is released.

We welcome your feedback and would like to hear about your comments to the project. You are invited to join the project discussion on GitHub or on Google Code. See you there!